Our work

Case Study

Outsourced Private Cloud Adoption

Customer Challenge

  • Define application-centric migration and transformation strategy for a large-scale datacentre migration and outsourced private cloud initiative
  • Work with application and infrastructure teams to assess levels of coupling between trading applications and infrastructure and determine effort required to transform to the cloud platform

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How Citihub Consulting Helped

  • Assessed existing application estate using available data points and categorised applications into a set of patterns which could be mapped to future-state cloud capabilities
  • Developed questionnaires and to help determine the level of coupling between infrastructure and application. Verified these responses with raw data and interviews where required
  • Defined and implemented tooling to manage data points (incl. inventory, questionnaires and planning data)
  • Used inputs from the pattern work and coupling assessment to create high level migration roadmaps for applications

Client Benefit

The business line gained a quick understanding of the level of effort and change required to adopt the outsource private cloud services thus preparing them for investment planning and keeping them in line with enterprise level timelines for adoption planning.