Optimising Exchange Connectivity: an Organisational Challenge

Connectivity (particularly exchange connectivity) is critical to all firms operating in the capital markets. It underpins many of the basic functions that they perform — from trading and investing, through to risk management and trade processing. Yet for such a crucial function, it is surprising that most firms do not have dedicated teams focused on managing and supporting connectivity.

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This paper will:

  • Define a ‘connectivity stack’ that describes all of the functional, commercial, logical and physical aspects of connectivity.
  • Outline typical organisational models used to support connectivity and the unique challenges and benefits offered by each.
  • Examine ways that organisational fragmentation can be bridged using the right tooling or promoting knowledge sharing via virtual teams.
  • Identify projects that firms can undertake to generate cost savings by further optimising Exchange connectivity architecture and operations.

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The author

Bob Mudhar

Bob Mudhar


Bob manages the firm’s regulatory/compliance & eTrading practices. With more than 25 years’ experience in blue chip investment banking institutions, his career has spanned a variety of business facing technology roles, helping to support, enhance and migrate systems.