The Mumbai data centre market displays a basic level of evolution in terms of attitudes to outsourcing, available capacity and asset quality. The city is an important hub for the Indian economy. However, the limited technical demands of the economy as a whole, and with buying criteria generally focused on cost rather than quality means that the market is likely to be heavily oversupplied with assets that do not meet internationally recognised standards or the demands of global firms.

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Growth in supply is expected to be dynamic, rising from 25MW to 56MW by the end of 2014. However, we expect that much of the new supply may be of sub-optimal quality for international end-users. Most new development activity during the forecast period is expected to be concentrated within Navi Mumbai rather than Mumbai itself.

This paper provides:

  • An overview of the Mumbai data centre market, including Navi Mumbai
  • Pricing analysis for both retail (8-60kW) and wholesale (250kW+) co-location services
  • An overview of current and future market challenges, including regulatory considerations
  • A review of key co-location service providers

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Ian O'Hara

Ian O'Hara


Ian brings a wealth of cross-industry technology experience to our clients and specialises in the commercial aspect of IT, including a deep knowledge of the data centre and managed services industries around the world.