How to Approach MAS TRM Cloud Compliance with Amazon Web Services

The Financial Services Industry (FSI) is on the cusp of a global wave of cloud services adoption that will see new technology delivery models applied to support a growing range of applications. As part of that trend, financial institutions will need to convince regulators that cloud adoption does not compromise their ability to manage risks relating to systems availability and information security.

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Citihub Consulting has chosen to demonstrate a proof point for the maturity of cloud delivery models in servicing FSI requirements. This paper focuses on a regulatory regime that has been progressive in defining and controlling IT risk – The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) – and maps MAS’ Technology Risk Management (TRM) Guidelines to the capabilities of a leading provider of cloud technologies, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This paper will:

  • Outline all of the requirements within MAS’ TRM guidelines as they relate to cloud compliance
  • Benchmark those requirements against the current control capabilities of leading cloud service provider AWS
  • Detail the internal controls that firms need to overlay to ensure regulatory compliance and outline possible areas of contention where further thought is required

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The author

Chris Allison

Chris Allison

Managing Director

A co-founder of Citihub Consulting, Chris has over twenty years of IT experience, including senior posts in strategy, architecture and trading floor IT management at JPMorgan. Chris has built the firm’s Digital Transformation practice and helped accelerate public cloud adoption for our tier 1 banking clients.