Enterprise DevOps: How to Maintain Segregation of Duties with CICD

The cost and time-to-market benefits of DevOps and CICD are well advertised but the benefits in helping to manage risk are less well understood. As discussion develops towards CICD pipelines that are heavily automated and preparing critical code for deployment in short cycles, the first reaction from risk managers and delivery executives can be one of fear.

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In this white paper, we explore one of the main fears: that segregation of duties will be compromised.

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The author

Erhan Sen

Erhan Sen

Associate Partner, New York

Erhan is an innovative senior technology leader with many years of experience in design, development and end-to-end delivery of large-scale banking and financial systems. He joined Citihub Consulting from Capgemini and has been responsible for formulating, leading and governing enterprise architecture roadmaps, blueprint activities and associated strategic technology transformations. Erhan has deep expertise in DevOps and CICD automation.