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Brexit readiness is a complex and multi-faceted challenge that includes regulatory change, legal entity restructuring, technology and platform transformations, systems migrations, infrastructure build outs and people moves, to name a few. Find out how Citihub Consulting’s 20 years of experience as a specialist financial services advisory bridges the competency requirements of Brexit programmes.



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Risk of no-trade lists as banks leave Brexit plans late
16 October 2018 |

Libor to become third-country benchmark under no-deal Brexit
16 October 2018 |

European banks worry about clearing in no-deal Brexit
09 October 2018 | Financial Times

ECB warns banks to curtail booking trades and loans in UK after Brexit
08 October 2018 | Financial Times

EU regulator urges Brussels to tighten clearing rules ahead of Brexit
03 October 2018 | Financial Times

Exclusive: With six months to go before Brexit, 630 finance jobs have left – Reuters survey
26 September 2018 | Reuters

Frankfurt is leading city for banks moving ahead of Brexit
24 September 2018 | Financial Times

JPMorgan to bolster presence in Luxembourg ahead of Brexit
11 September 2018 | Financial Times |#JPMorgan

‘Pound whisperer’ Michel Barnier keeps sterling buoyant
11 September 2018 | Independent

Why a World Trade Deal – Brexit on WTO terms – would be highly advantageous
10 September 2018 | Brexit Central

Brexit: Leading City figures rubbish government’s handling as ‘disastrous’
10 September 2018 | Independent

Will the independence of the Bank of England fall as a consequence of Brexit?
10 September 2018 | LSE

UK outlines ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario for financial services
23 August 2018 | IPE

EU vows to get tough on UK’s market access after Brexit
22 August 2018 | Financial Times

Britain walks Brexit high wire over financial services
08 August 2018 | Reuters

Brexit: Deutsche Bank moves half of euro clearing business from London to Frankfurt
30 July 2018 | Independent | #DeutscheBank

Deutsche Bank shifts half of euro clearing from London to Frankfurt
29 July 2018 | Financial Times | #DeutscheBank

UK as ‘third country’ is a worry for asset management professionals
18 June 2018 | Financial Times

Fund managers and regulators thrash out post-Brexit path
16 June 2018 | Financial Times

Brexit contingencies: asset managers put plans into action
16 June 2018 | Financial Times

Fears of bad Brexit deal raise tension between Bank and Treasury, report says
29 May 2018 | The Guardian

BoE and Treasury at loggerheads over ‘Plan B’ for City Brexit
28 May 2018 | Financial Times

Goldman to treble Swedish office as post-Mifid equities hub
04 May 2018 | Financial Times | #GoldmanSachs

EU steps back from tough new fund management rules
27 April 2018 | Financial Times

EU damps hopes of bespoke post-Brexit financial deal for UK
25 April 2018 | Financial Times

Commission defends ‘equivalence’ with UK for financial services
24 April 2018 | Euractiv

Brexit: what does it mean for financial markets to be open?
24 April 2018 | FCA

Brexit regulatory equivalence is “pragmatic solution” says EU financial services boss
24 April 2018 | City AM

UK set for Brexit clash as Brussels shoots down plan for City to access EU markets
24 April 2018 | Telegraph

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Brussels demands this key British industry MUST follow EU regulations
24 April 2018 | Express

FCA’s Bailey ups push for cooperative Brexit and open markets
24 April 2018 | Money Marketing

Brexit mutual regulatory recognition is “eminently achievable” says Financial Conduct Authority boss Andrew Bailey
24 April 2018 | City AM

EU says “equivalence” a pragmatic solution for UK banks after Brexit
24 April 2018 | Business Times

Lloyd’s of London launches Brussels hiring spree as new EU base takes shape
24 April 2018 | City AM | #LloydsOfLondon

Sompo International gets regulatory nod for post-Brexit unit
24 April 2018 | Insurance Business | #SompoInternational

Lloyd’s of London recruitment for Brussels unit gets underway
24 April 2018 | Insurance Business | #LloydsOfLondon

La Linea emerges as post-Brexit solution
24 April 2018 | Captive Insurance Times

Brexit drives UK companies toward M&A abroad
24 April 2018 | Financial News

Britain hails new optimism about Brexit deal for financial services
23 April 2018 | Reuters

EU officials dismiss City minister’s notion of UK sweetheart deal
23 April 2018 | Guardian

Ice Futures Europe boss says Brexit must allow the UK full regulatory independence from the EU to maintain financial stability
23 April 2018 | City AM | #IceFutures

Natixis chief: Brexit may not happen
23 April 2018 | Financial News | #Nataxis

EU bank CEOs call for practical approach to Brexit
23 April 2018 | Global Capital | #SocGen

Germany Wants to Help U.K. Banks But Needs Concessions
23 April 2018 | Bloomberg

Hammond: Brexit transition deal has averted City job losses
20 April 2018 | Guardian | #BoE

Philip Hammond says he has ‘dammed the flow’ of finance jobs out of UK
20 April 2018 | Financial Times

AIG braces for Brexit with two new companies
19 April 2018 | Insurance Times | #AIG

Bank of England more optimistic on risk of City exodus post Brexit
19 April 2018 | Financial Times

Bank of England boss lowers Brexit job loss estimate as he strikes tone of optimism over financial services deal
19 April 2018 | City AM

Article 50 one year on: financial services
19 April 2018 | UK in a Changing Europe

Labour Could Bend on Immigration to Keep Banks in Britain After Brexit
19 April 2018 | Bloomberg

Woods downplays Brexit job losses at banks
19 April 2018 | Reuters

Denizen CEO: Borderless approach key to post-Brexit financial services
18 April 2018 | Bobs Guide

Brussels seeks emergency powers to prepare for hard Brexit
18 April 2018 | Financial Times

The impact of the Brexit vote on European Capital Markets Union
18 April 2018 | VOX

London’s Fight to Remain a Financial Hub After Brexit
18 April 2018 | Bloomberg

Financial services leaders expecting hard Brexit with adverse effects
17 April 2018 | Financial Reporter

Implications of Brexit for financial services examined
17 April 2018 | UK Parliament

Germany, Ireland winning race for UK Brexit business
17 April 2018 | The Banker

Central London office lettings soar despite Brexit clouds
16 April 2018 | Evening Standard

EU Boost to U.K. Services May Fuel Concerns Over Brexit Deal
16 April 2018 | Bloomberg

Will the post Brexit environment have a positive impact of alternate finance sector? 
16 April 2018 | Business Leader | #ProdigyFinance

Where you’ll get paid when your banking job moves to Europe post-Brexit
16 April 2018 | eFinancial Careers

Irish deputy governor warns of Brexit risks
16 April 2018 | Central Banking

Irish Warn June Brexit Progress Needed to Seal October Accord
16 April 2018 | Bloomberg

The impact of Brexit on the finance industry
16 April 2018 | Fintech Times | #PPROGroup

The City has no European rival — that does not mean it’s safe
16 April 2018 | Financial News

Brexit tussle behind departure of BAML European chief
16 April 2018 | Financial News | #BAML #ParellaWeinbergPartners

Hogan Lovells launches London trade practice ahead of Brexit with Squire Patton Boggs hire
16 April 2018 | Legal Week

The government may want oligarchs out but it can’t bank on City sanctions
15 April 2018 | Guardian

Deutsche Bank Ireland chief Fiona Gallagher lands global role
14 April 2018 | Irish Times | #DeutscheBank

Exclusive: City unlikely to get more than “token, minimalist” Brexit deal
13 April 2018 | City AM

Berlin stock exchange boss says there are ways to overcome Brexit passporting loss for London
13 April 2018 | City AM

Prepare for worst-case scenario after Brexit, financial firms warned
13 April 2018 | Times

CBI urges for soft Brexit financial services deal
13 April 2018 | FTAdviser

FCA Business Plan demonstrates commitment to Brexit
13 April 2018 | Global Banking and Finance Review

Brexit-backing fund manager bets against UK assets
12 April 2018 | FTAdviser

Goldman Sachs might not have built European HQ in London if it had known about Brexit, says Lloyd Blankfein
12 April 2018 | Independent | #GoldmanSachs

Goldman Sachs boss Blankfein on Brexit: ‘I would have thought there would have been a worse outcome by now’
12 April 2018 | City AM | #GoldmanSachs

Irish central bank warns firms to brace for major Brexit disruption
12 April 2018 | Reuters

Brexit Hits Bankers Where it Hurts: Their Wallets
12 April 2018 | Wall Street Journal

‘We’re not going anywhere!’ London will remain EU’s banking hub after Brexit says Davis
12 April 2018 | Express

Goldman boss: Brexit hit not as bad as I thought
12 April 2018 | Telegraph | #GoldmanSachs

EU Regulators Urge Insurers, Banks to Take ‘Timely Action’ to Avoid Brexit Disruption
12 April 2018 | Insurance Journal

Top bankers warn London’s status as a global finance center at risk from Brexit
12 April 2018 | Reuters

EU regulators tell financial firms to prepare for Brexit
12 April 2018 | Reuters

Brexit? No problem, says AFL Insurance Brokers chairman
11 April 2018 | Insurance Business | #AFL

Andreas Dombret: How will Brexit change the map of global finance?
11 April 2018 | BIS | #BIS

Germany’s banking boss says London WILL remain Europe’s main financial hub after Brexit despite attempts to lure services to Frankfurt and Paris
11 April 2018 | Daily Mail

Brexit: Sticking to EU rules ‘vastly’ more beneficial than creating UK’s own, says business group
11 April 2018 | Independent

Brexit: How Many Bankers Will Leave London
11 April 2018 | Market Mogul | #UBS #GoldmanSachs #HSBC #SocieteGenerale #BankofAmerica #JPMorgan

Dublin seen as one of the big winners from Brexit
11 April 2018 | Times

Banking, Brexit and bikes in Berlin
11 April 2018 | BBC | #DeutscheBundesbank

Brexit, Open Banking and the FinTech Revolution
11 April 2018 | BlogActiv

Regulatory divergence after Brexit will hurt businesses
11 April 2018 | Economia

The FCA cannot afford to focus on Brexit alone
10 April 2018 | City AM

Why the negativity? FURIOUS row erupts between British MEP and EU banking boss
10 April 2018 | Express

UK asset managers oversee record £2.6tn for overseas clients
10 April 2018 | Financial Times

Keep close trade ties with EU post-Brexit, UK government warned
10 April 2018 | Guardian | #HSBC

British financial regulator urges EU Brexit coordination
09 April 2018 | Reuters

Financial services sector fears Brexit more than any other threat this year
09 April 2018 | The Actuary

What Brexit? ECB reveal COSY relationship with BoE will remain ‘strong into the future
09 April 2018 | Express | #ECB #BoE

FCA sets aside £30m to smooth out Brexit process for City banks
09 April 2018 | Guardian

Market remains buoyant for City floats
09 April 2018 | Times | #JPMorgan

Industry faces FCA fee hike as Brexit bites
09 April 2018 | Portfolio Adviser

Europe plays risky hand in game over post-Brexit stability
09 April 2018 | Financial Times

FCA chief Bailey ‘ready to engage’ EU regulators over Brexit plans
09 April 2018 | Financial News

City regulator faces £30m Brexit bill
09 April 2018 | BBC

Financial watchdog cuts back operations to focus on Brexit
09 April 2018 | Financial Times

FCA needs £30m extra for Brexit but the real cost will be higher still
09 April 2018 | Independent

Financial services bosses back the City to remain Europe’s hub after Brexit
09 April 2018 | City AM | #LloydsBank

Brexit: UK economy will grow slower than all other G7 advanced countries this year, City bosses warn
09 April 2018 | Independent | #LloydsBank

Brexit fears ‘looming large’ among City executives
09 April 2018 | Sky news | #LloydsBank

Barclays plans to split euro trading hub over Brexit
08 April 2018 | Financial Times | #Barclays

Brexit: Nearly 20 banks have committed to Frankfurt since vote to leave EU, German officials say
08 April 2018 | Independent | #JPMorgan #GoldmanSachs #ECB

Ford receives German banking licence following Brexit worries
06 April 2018 | City AM | #Ford

Zurich Assures UK Customers That Brexit Will Actually Change Very Little
05 April 2018 | Insurance Edge | #Zurich

PRA and FCA clarify impact of Brexit transition for insurance sector
05 April 2018 | Herbert Smith Freehills

Resolution Body Gives EU Banks Brexit Warning Over Buffers
05 April 2018 | Law360

State Bank of India makes London its post-Brexit launchpad
05 April 2018 | City AM | #StateBankofIndia

EU bank watchdog says lenders might face capital gaps after Brexit
05 April 2018 | Reuters

What is the big switch underpinning the euro-clearing battle?
05 April 2018 | Financial News | #LCH #Eurex

UK: Brexit Transition: Financial Firms Can Rely On Existing Permissions
04 April 2018 | Mondaq

The one part of the City jobs market not hurt by Brexit
04 April 2018 | Financial News

UK: Brexit And Financial Services: One Year To Go, But Where Are We Going?
04 April 2018 | Mondaq

Threat to fintech industry as young coders shun London over Brexit
04 April 2018 | Financial Times

Paris ahead of Frankfurt for Brexit City jobs
03 April 2018 | Euractiv

Thousands of UK bank jobs at risk after Brexit warning
03 April 2018 | Times

Brexit: Frankfurt Is Winning The Battle For London’s Bankers
03 April 2018 | Forbes

Article 50 author tells City to forget about bespoke Brexit
03 April 2018 | Financial News

Britain will strike ‘at least two major trade deals’ during Brexit transition
03 April 2018 | Politics Home

Swiss bankers’ hopes for EU access dashed by Brexit
03 April 2018 | Financial Times

Financial services ‘see growing risks’ ahead of Brexit
03 April 2018 | Irish News

Brexit and the financial services industry: The story so far
02 April 2018 | Ritholtz

Deutsche Bank’s troubles are more than personal
02 April 2018 | Financial Times | #DeutscheBank

City’s Brexit transition deal is nothing to be cheered
02 April 2018 | Financial Times

London remains graduate choice for financial services careers
01 April 2018 | Financial Times

Finance Chief claims London will remain world’s MAJOR financial centre post-Brexit
31 March 2018 | Express

Half the forecast number of finance jobs to exit Britain post-Brexit
29 March 2018 | Business Times

UK: A Welcome Brexit Update
29 March 2018 | Mondaq

UK seeks to soothe fund managers’ delegation fears
29 March 2018 | Financial News

Finance jobs expected to be moved out of the UK due to Brexit now half of what was forecast six months ago
28 March 2018 | City AM

Bank of England tells UK financial sector to prepare for transition
28 March 2018 | New Europe

Bank of England backs transition period for EU firms
28 March 2018 | Financial News

UK finance firms prepare for Brexit transition in name only
28 March 2018 | Financial News

Bracing for Brexit
27 March 2018 | FinExtra

UBS: 12% of European businesses plan on ‘pulling all of their capacity’ out of the UK
27 March 2018 | Business Insider | #UBS

BREXIT BUSINESS BOOST: Survey shows number of firms set to leave UK post-Brexit is FALLING
27 March 2018 | Express | #UBS

UK stockbroker Shore Capital takes advantage of Brexit uncertainty
26 March 2018 | Financial News | #ShoreCapital

Brexit: City pragmatists try to look beyond the unknowns
26 March 2018 | Financial Times

Risk Management: Financial Institutions
26 March 2018 | Financial Times

Europe’s costly financial shake-up may yet benefit a post-Brexit UK
26 March 2018 | Telegraph

Brexit delivers longer blow to bank sentiment than global financial crisis, survey shows
26 March 2018 | Independent

The EU is ready to reap the profits from our financial services and there’s nothing we can do
25 March 2018 | Independent

Brexit warning: City braced for ‘cliff edge’ amid EU uncertainty
24 March 2018 | Express

Stefan Kramer to lead Credit Suisse Brexit strategy
23 March 2018 | Global Investor | #CreditSuisse

BoE to update banks on Brexit transition agreement next week
23 March 2018 | Financial Times

Listen: Good news for Britain on financial services
23 March 2018 | Financial Times

Brexit is looking like game of give, and little take… so far
22 March 2018 | City AM

Pressure grows on government to clarify post-Brexit position on UK-EU data flows
22 March | Computer Weekly

Morgan Stanley to open 80 positions in Paris
22 March 2018 | Financial News | #MorganStanley

Notice to stakeholders: withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU legislation in the field of electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions
21 March 2018 | European Commission

Credit Suisse chairman says Brexit prep ‘like open-heart surgery’‍​
21 March 2018 | Reuters | #CreditSuisse

Europe’s banks told to keep planning for full Brexit in 2019
21 March 2018 | Financial Times

Can the EU step up to a win-win Brexit outcome in financial services?
21 March 2018 | Brexit Central

Why it’s too soon for the City to carp about EU market access plans
20 March 2018 | Financial Times

Brexit talks approach the limit of easy concessions
20 March 2018 | Financial Times

Brussels to offer City market access — but on EU’s terms
20 March 2018 | Financial Times

EU primes UK trade offer, seeks Brexit transition endorsement
20 March 2018 | Euronews

City tug of war continues as EU eyes ‘improved’ equivalence post-Brexit
20 March 2018 | Telegraph

UK Insurers, Banks Push Ahead with Relocating HQs – Despite Brexit Transition Deal
20 March 2018 | Insurance Journal

EU Eyes Offering `Improved Equivalence’ for UK Financial Services After Brexit
20 March 2018 | Insurance Journal

EU firms scale back presence in UK as Brexit nears: survey
20 March 2018 | Reuters

Why won’t the UK get a good Brexit deal on financial services? One word: Norway
13 March 2018 | LSE

Brexit: banks take the ‘no’ out of novations
12 March 2018 |

UBS Group to Relocate Employees to Frankfurt Post Brexit
12 March 2018 | Nasdaq Zacks | #UBS #Citigroup

Hard Brexit Would Cost UK, EU Firms $80B with UK Financial Services Worst Hit: Report
12 March 2018 | Insurance Journal

Brexit implementation period to boost financial services
12 March 2018 | Economia

Financial services to be worst hit by Brexit
12 March 2018 | FT Adviser

Breakingviews – City’s Brexit trickle need not turn into an exodus
12 March 2018 | Reuters | #UBS #GoldmanSachs #StandardChartered

Goldman Sachs succession now one-horse race following senior exit
12 March 2018 | City AM | #GolmanSachs

Brexit threatens insurance competition – AA chief
11 March 2018 | Independent

‘I don’t accept that!’ Hammond stands strong & spells out how much EU need UK post-Brexit
11 March 2018 | Express

Exclusive: UBS plans to shift some staff to Frankfurt after Brexit – memo
09 March 2018 | Reuters | #UBS #GoldmanSachs #StandardChartered

UBS has multiple EU city plan for staff after Brexit
09 March 2018 | Financial News | #UBS

Leading MEP questions Lloyd’s of London Brexit plans
09 March 2018 | Financial News

Brexit: Don’t put bankers first in talks, says Labour
08 March 2018 | BBC

Post-Brexit UK financial markets ‘offer’ for Gibraltar
08 March 2018 | BBC

Donald Tusk rules out Brexit deal on financial services
08 March 2018 | Politico

Here Are Some Post-Brexit Scenarios for UK Financial Services
08 March 2018 | Insurance Journal

Euroclear to move holding company from London to Brussels
07 March 2018 | Financial Times | #Euroclear

Brussels and Paris to reject May’s Brexit hopes for City
07 March 2018 | Financial Times

London risks losing its role as banker to the world
07 March 2018 | CNN

EU rebuffs UK vision for Post-Brexit trade
07 March 2018 | Financial Times

Hammond warns EU to include finance in Brexit deal
07 March 2018 | Brexit Central

Goldman Sachs puts London staff on notice to relocate to Frankfurt by June, sources say
07 March 2018 | Independent | #GoldmanSachs

“Leaving has consequences”: France’s Le Maire on Brexit, banking and beating populism 
07 March 2018 | New Statesman

Brexit Bulletin: Bidding for the Bankers
07 March 2018 | Bloomberg

EU snubs Britain’s post-Brexit trade demands, offers banks no special deal
07 March 2018 | Reuters

InsurTech Futures: London’s future as InsurTech hub threatened by Brexit
07 March 2018 | Insurance Age

Hammond: UK could reject any Brexit deal excluding financial services
07 March 2018 | Guardian

Brexit deal: Hammond says financial services will not be frozen out
06 March 2018 | Guardian

City chief: Time is running out for Brexit transition
06 March 2018 | City AM

Theresa May Rejects ‘Passporting’ For City Of London After Brexit
04 March 2018 | Huffington Post

Theresa May says the UK will ditch passporting because it makes the City a “rule-taker”
04 March 2018 | City AM

May defends stance on post-Brexit financial services rules
04 March 2018 | Reuters

EU’s financial regulation power grab is criticised by City minister
04 March 2018 | Telegraph

A year to go before Brexit, U.S. investment banks still bet on London
02 March 2018 | Reuters | #JPMorgan #MorganStanley #Citigroup #BankofAmerica #MerrillLynch #GoldmanSachs

Theresa May warns EU: Keep City of London in Brexit trade deal or ‘hurt your own economies’
02 March 2018 | Independent

Theresa May rules out financial passporting after Brexit but wants ‘a broader agreement than ever before’
02 March 2018 | Business Insider

May’s Brexit Vision for U.K. Business, From Banking to Drugmakers
02 March 2018 | Bloomberg

Brexit makes investment bank vital says Sturgeon
01 March 2018 | Herald

RBS says Irish border issue is key in bank’s post-Brexit future
01 March 2018 | CNBC | #RBS

Brexit is a threat to London’s future in European payment systems
28 February 2018 | LSE

Cross-border Insolvencies after Brexit: Views from the United Kingdom and Continental Europe
28 February 2018 | CIGI

Bank of England puts premium on solving post-Brexit insurance puzzle
27 February 2018 | Reuters

Nicola Sturgeon declares ambitions to work with the insurance sector on Brexit
27 February 2018 | Insurance Times

Philip Hammond to attempt rescue of UK’s hopes for ‘comprehensive’ trade deal with the EU after Brexit
27 February 2018 | Independent

‘Quite a lot of good news!’ Nigel Farage lists reasons why Brexit IS positive for Britain
27 February 2018 | Express

Post Brexit fund challenges: Buyside needs to speak up says SGG
27 February 2018 | Investment Europe | #SGG #M&G # Blackstone #BlackRock #Carlyle #Aberdeen #StandardLife

Why Barnier should consider mutual regulatory recognition and a Brexit deal including financial services is essential for the UK and EU
26 February 2018 | City AM

Credit Suisse to Move 250 Investment Bankers in First Brexit Shift
26 February 2018 | Bloomberg | #CreditSuisse

Ireland pushes for UK TV channels to make post-Brexit move
25 February 2018 | Guardian

A customs union would avoid the worst of all post-Brexit worlds
25 February 2018 | Financial Times

UK’s Brexit plan ‘pure illusion’, says Donald Tusk
23 February 2018 | Financial Times

Legal limbo looms for banks in Brexit transition tumult
23 February 2018 | Reuters

Deutsche Boerse aims for quarter of euro clearing after Brexit
21 February 2018 | Reuters

France’s hardening views on Brexit
20 February 2018 | Financial Times

Keep Looking for the Brexit Effect on U.K. Banking
19 February 2018 | Bloomberg

Bundesbank exec: Banks should ‘prepare for a hard Brexit’
19 February 2018 | Politico

EU parliament chief: Bespoke financial services Brexit deal “cannot be outcome”
18 February 2018 | City AM

‘This is REALLY tedious stuff’ Bank of America CEO takes SHOCK swipe at Brexit Britain
17 February 2018 | Express | #BankOfAmerica

UK to push EU for City of London’s favoured Brexit plan
16 February 2018 | Reuters

Fixing financial services deal central to overall agreement on Brexit, says Lougher
16 February 2018 | Pinsent Masons

UK aims to keep financial rules close to EU after Brexit
16 February 2018 | Financial Times

UK’s Brexit plans REVEALED: May seeking ‘mutual recognition’ deal over financial services
16 February 2018 | Express

How Does It Feel to Be a Third Country? The Consequences of Brexit for Financial Market Law
15 February 2018 | CIGI

European businesses expect UK soft Brexit, Survey suggests
11 February 2018 | Financial Times

Nicky Morgan: Govt must publish Brexit financial services plan now
08 February 2018 | Professional Adviser

City told to “face the facts” over post-Brexit financial services trade
08 February 2018 | City AM

Europe’s banking watchdog warns clock ticking on Brexit plans
07 February 2018 | Financial Times

After Brexit, expected influx of banks is not even a trickle
06 February 2018 | Irish Times

Failing Financial Institutions: How Will Brexit Impact Cross-border Cooperation in Recovery, Reconstruction and Insolvency Processes?
06 February 2018 | CIGI

With new regulation, Brexit, and political turmoil, UK banks are in for a rocky 2018
06 February 2018 | City AM

Bailey urges EU give on post-Brexit financial services
05 February 2018 | The Insurance Insider

US banking giant Citi will stay loyal to the UK after Brexit
05 February 2018 | Express | #Citi

EU risks ‘serious’ impact on financial markets without trade deal, watchdog warns
05 February 2018 | Telegraph

EU rebuffs City proposal for Brexit deal on financial services
31 January 2018 | The Telegraph

Brexit: EU rejects City plan for free trade in financial services
31 January 2018 | Independent

EU rejects Brexit trade deal for UK financial services sector
31 January 2018 | Financial Times

Lords warn lack of Brexit clarity will harm UK financial services
31 January 2018 | Financial Director

Brussels mulls ‘pay per access’ for financial services post Brexit
31 January 2018 | Politico

Morgan Stanley wants steer on Brexit transition by Easter
31 January 2018 | Financial Times | #MorganStanley

EU Is Refusing to Budge on Post-Brexit Financial Services
30 January 2018 | Bloomberg

Morgan Stanley: Here are Britain’s Brexit options, ranked by the economic damage each will do
30 January 2018 | Business Insider | #MorganStanley

Brexit: Business optimism falls as doubts grow over UK’s financial centre status
29 January 2018 | Independent

Financial services “urgently” needs clarity on Brexit
28 January 2018 | Economia

City banks downsizing – and it has little to do with Brexit outcome
28 January 2018 | Telegraph | #RBS #CreditSuisse #DeutscheBank

London should remain Europe’s financial centre after Brexit to ‘balance’ New York, says UBS
26 January 2018 | Telegraph | #UBS #JPMorgan #GoldmanSachs

Project fear DEBUNKED: Brexit impact on financial services ‘will be negligible’
26 January 2018 | Express

UBS Investment Bank’s Orcel Says Brexit Is Still the Big Topic
26 January 2018 | Bloomberg | #UBS

UBS Seeks to Keep as Much as Possible in U.K. Amid Brexit
26 January 2018 | Bloomberg | #UBS #DeutscheBank #JPMorganChase

Brexit could mean JP Morgan moves more than 4,000 jobs from Britain
25 January 2018 | Reuters | #JPMorgan

JP Morgan boss in new warning on Brexit job losses
25 January 2018 | BBC | #JPMorgan

Lloyds Bank readying Berlin base ahead of Brexit – source
23 January 2018 | Reuters | #LloydsBank

Lloyds Banking Group aiming to get Berlin office ready for post-Brexit business by the year-end
23 January 2018 | Proactive Investors | #LloydsBank

Lloyds applies to make Berlin branch a Brexit-proof subsidiary before the end of the year
23 January 2018 | City AM | #LloydsBank

UBS to start moving City jobs ‘early this year’ ahead of Brexit
22 January 2018 | Telegraph |#UBS

On the City of London and Brexit, silence is not golden
22 January 2018 | Financial Times

The 5 biggest risks Brexit poses to Europe’s financial markets
22 January 2018 | Business Insider

Brexit is not a ‘catastrophe’ for the City of London, says French finance chief
18 January 2018 | Telegraph

‘How banking wives are breaking banks’ best Brexit plans
18 January 2018 | eFinancial Careers

Citigroup’s Post-Brexit Trading Hub to Be Operational in ’18
18 January 2018 | Bloomberg | #Citi

Deutsche Bank Sees Brexit Moves in Hundreds, Not Thousands
17 January 2018 | Bloomberg | #DeutscheBank

Could Brexit benefit Britain’s financial services?
16 January 2018 | Spectator | #Prudential #DeutscheBank

Investment bank regulation flagged as next Brexit flashpoint
16 January 2018 | Financial Times

Trade options for UK financial services after Brexit
14 January 2018 | Reuters

MORGAN STANLEY: Britain is edging closer to a ‘soft Brexit’
14 January 2018 | Business Insider | #MorganStanley

UK promises to prioritise financial services in Brexit deal
12 January 2018 | Financial Times

Banking Giants Step Up Pre-Brexit Frankfurt Hires
12 January 2018 | Bloomberg | #GoldmanSachs #MorganStanley

Brexit trade deal will contain financial services, but UK may not like it
11 January 2018 | Politico

Brexit: UK must keep paying into EU budget if its banks want to trade in Europe, Germany to demand
10 January 2018 | eFinancial Careers | #GoldmanSachs #Citi #MorganStanley #JPMorgan

Passporting remains the best option for UK financial services industry post-Brexit or New York may have the last laugh
09 January 2018 | LSE

Bank eyes shock move to LONDON: European investment firm give BACKING to Brexit Britain
09 January 2018 | Express | #Alantra

Spanish Bank Eyes Post-Brexit HQ in London
08 January 2018 | Bloomberg

No Brexit exodus from London!’ Frankfurt finance chief LAUGHS OFF Brussels scare claim
29 December 2017 | Express

UK should not exclude possibility of a Brexit with no banking deal
26 December 2017 | Financial Times

Bank Of England Seizes Initiative With Brexit Banking Proposal
21 December 2017 | Forbes

Fintech Brexit sectoral analysis report: Four things revealed by government papers
21 December 2017 | City AM

Europe Seeks Crackdown on Brexit Bank Arbitrage
20 December 2017 | Wall Street Journal

UK City regulators turn on Brexit charm offensive
20 December 2017 | Financial Times

Brexit: UK plans to soften impact on European banks
20 December 2017 | BBC

The Bank of England’s approach to the authorisation and supervision of international banks, insurers and central counterparties
20 December 2017 | Bank of England

Investment banks split on shifting assets ahead of Brexit
17 December 2017 | Financial Times

When the banks leave: London’s possible futures post Brexit
13 December 2017 | LSE | #GoldmanSachs

Insurance groups hedge on Brexit future
12 December 2017 | Financial Times

Brexit: City of London will lose 10,500 jobs on day one, says EY
11 December 2017 | Guardian

RBS CEO Says Brexit Deal Won’t Halt Its EU Relocation Plans
08 December 2017 | Bloomberg | #RBS

Brexit is already having an impact on London talent pool, warns Standard Chartered chief
07 December 2017 | Independent | #StandardChartered

Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters: Brexit is inconvenient and expensive
07 December 2017 | Financial News | #StandardChartered

Standard Chartered boss Bill Winters: Brexit cash has gone down toilet
07 December 2017 | Evening Standard | #StandardChartered

HSBC is moving jobs from London to Paris, but Asian banks stay put even as Brexit looms
04 December 2017 | South China Morning Post | #HSBC

This chart shows how many banking jobs are at stake in the City after Brexit
01 December 2017 | Business Insider | #Nomura

Bank of America chooses Dublin as EU base after Brexit
27 July 2017 | Financial Times | #BankofAmerica

Morgan Stanley picks Frankfurt as post-Brexit hub
19 July 2017 | Guardian | #MorganStanley

Factbox – Impact on banks from Britain’s vote to leave the EU
19 May 2017 | Reuters | #StandardChartered #HSBC #Barclays #UBS #CreditSuisse #LloydsBankingGroup #GoldmanSachs #MorganStanley #CitiGroup #JPMorgan #BankOfAmericaGroup #DeutscheBank #Euroclear #DaiwaSecuritiesGroup #JuliusBaer

Post Brexit fund challenges: Buyside needs to speak up says SGG
16 May 2017 | IR Magazine

How to make Brexit the insurance industry’s next big opportunity
05 May 2017 | City AM

Securitisation – a head start on the key considerations and possible implications
01 May 2017 | Allen & Overy

UK covered bonds – a head start on the key considerations and possible implications
01 May 2017 | Allen & Overy

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Brexit readiness is a complex and multi-faceted challenge that includes regulatory change, legal entity restructuring, technology and platform transformations, systems migrations, infrastructure build outs and people moves, to name a few. Find out how Citihub Consulting’s 20 years’ experience as a specialist financial services advisory bridges the competency requirements of Brexit programmes.

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Post-Brexit Risk Transfer Trades …. Something To Bank On?

If there is one thing that’s clear at the current stage of Brexit negotiations, it’s that things are not clear. The majority of financial institutions have yet to fully determine their post-Brexit preferences for  business functions, trades and technology.

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