Citihub Consulting has built an excellent reputation for helping our clients solve complex business and technology challenges.  Our expertise and methodologies are proven in many sectors including finance, legal, transportation, education and healthcare.

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Why Airlines Choose Citihub Consulting?

Trusted by Mission-Critical Enterprises

Nearly 20 years of pedigree in dealing with the most complex IT challenges across Financial Services and other industries, from high-frequency trading and regulatory compliance to airline system availability.  Our methods and IP are developed ground-up to suit mission-critical and regulated operations.

As a firm, Citihub Consulting offers the right mix of expertise to bridge the gap between our clients’ business and IT operations. We offer tools and methodologies that marry technology utilisation with business capacity, helping firms make smarter business-led technology decisions.

Business and Service Management Expertise

Citihub Consulting helps design and implement industrial strength processes and operating models to run IT businesses and services. Our consultants drive best practices in product and service management and cost efficiency in production operations.

IT Change Management Specialists

Our consultants are adept at mobilising, executing, and in some cases, rescuing large scale global IT change programs. With experienced program managers that deliver the right results, our clients come to us when they need to drive true change in their operations.

360-Degree View on Cloud Adoption

Cloud shouldn’t just be an infrastructure project or an application development initiative. Our expertise and IP accelerate all topics from business case and compliance through to service integration and app readiness.


Delivering solutions in a real time, on demand, consumer-focused climate, requires new ways of doing things. Citihub Consulting understands the value of continuous delivery and immutable infrastructure, and the challenges in applying that to real world applications and organisations.

Citihub Consulting has the experience to ensure that your enterprise solution delivery lifecycle is adapted to improve the efficacy and timeliness of your releases through the integration of the appropriate people, processes, tools and control points.

Citihub Consulting Methodologies recently applied in the airline industry 

Infrastructure Platform Assessment (IPA) & Application Availability Assessment (AAA)

Both methodologies identify risks around critical infrastructure and applications related to ‘availability’ i.e. how often will something break and how long will it take to fix it. The objective is for clients to understand their level of availability risk along with options to improve their systems and mitigate that risk.  The IPA and AAA methodologies were critical to the success of the projects shown in the case study section.

Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF)

Citihub Consulting’s Intelligent Monitoring Framework is central to our approach in both assessing the suitability of existing monitoring infrastructure and building a future reference design.  As with other core methodologies, the IMF relies on our ability as practitioners to align diverse stakeholders to an optimal solution and driving the plan through to execution.

 Service Management Assessment (SMA)

The SMA Methodology helps our clients improve the maturity level of their service management capabilities.  Our SME’s work closely with the service organisation to evaluate the current state processes.  We then rate the findings vs. our maturity model and present a customised roadmap to guide our client to an elevated service state over an acceptable time frame.


Case Studies