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Representation is a key factor in attracting the best candidates in any industry

As part of this year’s Women’s History Month celebration, Citihub Consulting talked to some of its consultants about the space they occupy, as women, in the traditionally male-dominated finance technology industry. We launch this month-long series with the spotlight on: Marianne Bonfiglio, Associate Partner, New York.

How important is representation in the finance technology industry? Representation is a key factor in attracting the best candidates in any industry. When someone, particularly a young child, sees people like him or her in a particular role, it sends the message, “I can do that because I see other people like me doing it.”  As someone who grew up with a mother who worked in technology in financial services, I recognize the advantages of having such a relatable role model. I always knew I had what it takes to make a successful career in finance and technology because I saw my mom do it.

What are the merits of being a woman in this industry? There is a renewed focus in the industry on promoting equality, which is quite exciting to be a part of. For example, we see industry leaders like Goldman Sachs making bold statements around diversity requirements for the IPO’s they handle. This creates more opportunities for women to break into those roles they were traditionally frozen out of.  Once in these roles, women, and other diverse candidates, often think differently and provide a much-needed fresh perspective that will ultimately lead to better performance within a company.

How has Citihub Consulting supported initiatives in Diversity and Inclusion? Citihub Consulting sponsors the Businesswomen of New York Networking Group that I run. The group brings together professional women across New York City so that we can help and learn from each other.  Citihub Consulting has empowered me to lead a working group within the company to focus on diversity and inclusion.

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