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Event | Unified Data and Risk Management: How financial services firms are solving the massive scale data challenges of FRTB, CAT, MiFID II and other regulations

Keynote Speaker
Amit Gupta

CTO for Risk Technology, UBS Investment Bank

22nd May 2018, Tuesday

8:30am - 11:00am

Searcy’s @ The Gherkin, London EC3A 8AP

Reporting requirements for Financial Services firms have become increasingly challenging, leading to a desire for cross business data and risk management environments within the front office – regulations such as MiFID II, FRTB and GDPR all lean in this direction.  This also presents opportunities for competitive advantage; for example, cross-asset solutions which have previously been stovepiped across multiple back office platforms, are now becoming feasible in a unified front office environment.  Previously, cross-business visibility had typically only been possible with aggregated reporting and a resulting loss of detail – but genuinely unified and detailed solutions are being demanded and are now becoming possible.

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As Financial Services firms are considering what potential benefits may be had from data unification, the emergence of big data technology and the public cloud now make it feasible to build solutions that were historically difficult and costly to implement.

Citihub Consulting invites you to attend this peer-only round table discussion where we will be exploring these topics:

  •  How are Financial Services firms preparing to take advantage of the demand for unified data and risk management? Do big data technologies and public cloud offer new opportunities to redefine what is achievable?

Amit Gupta (UBS) will explore some of drivers and enablers behind a next-generation risk platform.  The discussion will then include: alternative approaches within Financial Services; what workloads are currently suitable for big data/cloud; what is “on the horizon”, and what is a long way off?

  • What are the challenges with creating these unified data solutions, and how are they being met?

Financial Services firms may approach this by envisaging big data and public cloud solutions, however, these have typically been explored only for low-risk self-contained solutions.  More ambitious adoption is constrained across a number of dimensions. Discussion will investigate these constraints, alternatives, and whether there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Are common solution stacks being used today? If so, what are they and why (and how might the vendor landscape change)? If not, are people growing their own and what does that mean for standards/interoperability?

Discussion on technology standards, buy vs build, and open source vs proprietary solutions in the big data management space

Held under the Chatham House Rule, this will be your opportunity to learn and share experiences with your peers from leading financial services firms.

Attendee Profile

This discussion will be most suitable for:

  • COOs & CTOs
  • Front Office Business Managers (Market Data / Electronic Trading)
  • Market & Operational Risk Managers
  • Risk IT Architects / Managers
  • Data, Platform & Cloud Solution Architects
  • Regulatory Program Leads / Regulatory Program Managers / IT Compliance Leads


Keynote Speaker

Amit Gupta
CTO for Risk Technology, UBS Investment Bank

Amit is responsible for the bank’s risk technology vision and strategy, including the implementation of regulatory programmes such as FRTB.

Amit has worked in the investment banking technology area for the last 20 years. Prior to UBS, he held positions at Goldman Sachs, RBS Financial Markets and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

He graduated in electrical engineering from Cambridge University.