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Event | Self-Service Business Intelligence: Fuelling a Data Debt Crisis?

29th October 2019, Tuesday

8:30am - 10:30am

Searcys @ The Gherkin EC3A 8AP

Financial Services companies have always understood that data influences key business decisions, whether that comes from market data, pricing analytics or artificial intelligence systems.

The proliferation of data lakes and the subsequent explosion in semi-structured or unstructured data being analysed has led to the adoption of self-service Business Intelligence (BI) tools to help derive meaning and insight. End-users and data scientists alike now have the capability to combine massive data sets and identify unique meaning which can add business value.

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However, care needs to be taken. Most enterprises will have had to deal with the challenges faced by the widespread adoption of End-User Applications, typically spreadsheets or home-grown databases created by individuals for their own use which then become widely adopted and later orphaned when the original creator leaves the firm. This legacy already costs firms significant sums to unpick, update and integrate into their formally defined systems of record and authoritative data sets. The risk is that, with the new set of tools and the ease of adoption, the same problem is surfacing with self-service BI tools.

At this breakfast forum, we will look into the growing problems of self-service Business Intelligence governance, what an appropriate governance process should entail and what peers are doing to address the challenge.


  • Adoption and maturity. How prevalent is the use of self-service BI? Is adoption stove-piped and localised, or has there been a drive towards a centrally managed offering? How have firms been  partitioning end-user tools such as Power BI from Data Science / specialist BI tools?
  • Self-service Business Intelligence governance. How can we prevent the accumulation of “data debt”? How can governance be integrated with overall Enterprise Data Governance? Can we learn from EUA remediation?
  • The conflicting demands of BI, data privacy and defensible disposal. Is the elastic band about to break?

Held under the Chatham House Rule, this will be your opportunity to learn and share experiences with your peers from leading financial services firms.

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Chief Data Officers | Data Architects | Data Protection Managers | Records Managers | Information Risk Managers | Data Scientists | Chief Technology Officers | Data Managers

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