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Event: Experiences in Cloud Native Development Toolchain Adoption

Brett Aukburg

Brett Aukburg

CTO & Associate Partner, New York

25th September 2019, Wednesday

8:30am - 10:30am

The Bryant Park Hotel | 40 W. 40th Street, NY, NY 10018

The adoption of Platform as a Service puts a spotlight on the development toolchains used with these services.

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In this peer-only breakfast forum, we will:

  • discuss the value proposition in adopting cloud native development toolchains
  • discuss hybrid toolchain models for containerised workloads
  • share challenges experienced in adoption and integration
  • share thoughts on where the CSP offerings need to mature to support the needs of the financial services industry
  • consider the following questions – How realistic is it to use a cloud native toolchain for on premise development work?  How soon, if ever, can I decommission my on-premise toolchain? Will customers likely need to use each CSP’s toolchain in order to get full value from their respective opinionated platforms?  Is running multiple toolchains an inevitability?


Unlike in an IaaS-centric world, where developers can develop and unit test on their local machines, run their build and integration tests in an on-premises pipeline and then ship built artifacts into the cloud for later phases of testing and production deployment, PaaS offerings are for the most part available only at a single, remote CSP leaving no choice but to perform most development activities in the cloud. Constantly shipping code and artifacts back and forth between on-premises and the cloud is inefficient, particularly if there are large executable and data artefacts involved, so the closer and more tightly integrated the development pipeline is to the services and data being used the more this opens up the agility benefits of the cloud to developers. Even if equivalent services can be provided on-premise, often there are CSP customizations which in the DevOps “shift left” model should be exposed early in the development pipeline to avoid unnecessary delay and costly refactoring.


Held under the Chatham House Rule, this will be your opportunity to learn and share experiences with your peers from leading financial services firms.

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Brett Aukburg


Brett Aukburg
CTO & Associate Partner, New York

Brett is a senior technology professional with over 15 years of experience in IT engineering, operations, strategy, and architecture. He has broad technical expertise and is an experienced people manager. He has in depth knowledge of enterprise-wide technologies and their integration in financial services.


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