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Event | Defensible Disposal, Legal Holds and the Impact of GDPR: Data Management in the Spotlight

20th September 2018, Thursday

8:30am - 10:30am

Searcy’s @ The Gherkin, London EC3A 8AP

Managing data in the enterprise has never been more challenging; new regulation and new technology are dramatically changing the way enterprise data is managed and at a time when technical debt accumulated by large organisations threatens to overwhelm data management functions.

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At this event, we will discuss the regulatory, legal and cost challenges facing legal counsels, data managers and technologists.


1. The ongoing impact of the GDPR on Records Management and data retention

  • Have the pre-GDPR warnings been heeded?
  • Have the worst fears been realised?
  • How have operating models changed?

2. Improving the Legal Hold process in support of Defensible Disposal

  • Legal holds are often highlighted as the main blocker to effecting defensible disposal, what are the challenges?
  • How are these being addressed? Revised processes, technology, or a bit of both?
  • Are there other blockers to Defensible Disposal, masked by the Legal Hold challenge?

3. New tech / old tech: The strategic toolsets which will supersede current technology

  • eDiscovery: after a few years of M&A consolidation, does the eDiscovery landscape look  any clearer? What are the new features and vendors providing? E.g. GPU analytics, AI, Deep learning
  • Cloud adoption: Does the inevitable migration of data to public cloud offerings (such as Office 365) present new challenges (and opportunities)?
  • Tapes: Can we stop using these for archiving?
  • Physical records: Is this being addressed separately or part of the same problem?

Held under the Chatham House Rule, this will be your opportunity to learn and share experiences with your peers from leading financial services firms.


This discussion will be most suitable for:

  • Regulatory program leads / regulatory program managers / IT compliance leads
  • Data protection officers, Data protection program and project managers
  • Legal IT managers, Legal IT program and project managers
  • Records management IT and operations
  • Information Lifecycle Governance managers
  • CISO
  • eDiscovery managers