Cloud & Agile

Cloud & Agile

Citihub has a specialist global practice helping mission critical enterprises plan for and adopt private, hybrid and public cloud.

Our expertise and methods are proven with some of the most tech-savvy firms in financial services.


Why choose Citihub?

Trusted by Mission-Critical Enterprises

Nearly 20 years of pedigree in dealing with the most complex IT challenges across Financial Services and other industries, from high-frequency trading and regulatory compliance to airline system availability.

Our methods and IP are developed ground-up to suit mission-critical and regulated operations.

360-Degree View on Cloud Adoption

Cloud shouldn’t just be an infrastructure project or an application development initiative. Our expertise and IP accelerate all topics from business case and compliance through to service integration and app readiness.

Unbiased approach

Our analysis is objective – we understand that cloud isn’t the answer to every problem – but we partner closely with the leading firms in the industry to give you the best insights into making the right choices and accelerating appropriate adoption.


Strategy & Business Case

Citihub has nearly 20 years’ experience helping the world’s leading financial services firms set and implement IT strategy. We are intimate with the DNA of the industry’s complex application suites and the external challenges firms now face. We have also built deep 360-degree expertise in Cloud with many successful case studies helping early adopters in the industry with hybrid cloud.

Contact us to understand your enterprise or workload business case for cloud and how to prepare your organisation for aaS models.

GRC & Security

We are the recognised industry leader in Cloud GRC consultancy, offering a full range of advisory, architecture, assessment and implementation services to help address information security, regulatory and risk management challenges for Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud implementations.

At the core of our offerings is a unique multi-jurisdictional cloud governance framework underpinned by a layered set of controls that helps prepare for regulatory compliance submissions.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Citihub has developed and implemented proven hybrid cloud solutions in some of the most technology-savvy firms in the industry.

Our reference architectures and Structured Solution Development (SSD) methods are proven to arbitrate and accelerated internal decision-making and accelerate client projects.

Business Solution Architecture

Our experts understand your industry, and can help ensure you get the best out of public cloud services to support internal initiatives e.g.:
– Digital transformation
– Cloud native application architectures
– Cloud bursting eg. pricing and risk management grids

Adoption & Migration

Migrating complex mission critical enterprises to the Cloud requires nuanced skill and expertise. We regularly witness the high-volume migration factory approach experiencing difficulties with the multitude of non-trivial workloads across financial services.

We take a more tailored approach, with highly skilled solution architects with relevant business knowledge and years of experience with shared platform and virtualisation adoption working directly with business and application teams


Delivering solutions in a real time, on demand, consumer-focused climate, requires new ways of doing things. Citihub understands the value of continuous delivery and immutable infrastructure, and the challenges in applying that to real world applications and organisations.

Citihub has the experience to ensure that your enterprise solution delivery lifecycle is adapted to improve the efficacy and timeliness of your releases through the integration of the appropriate people, processes, tools and control points.

Service Integration & Management

Organisational and internal process changes are necessary for all technology initiatives to succeed. Many clients underestimate the amount of process change and optimisation that is required for an organisation to manage a flexible and real-time aaS environment.

Citihub can help you maintain agility in the early stages of adoption while planning for longer-term robust change across the enterprise.