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Application Risk & Availability

A European Tier 1 bank approached Citihub following an infrastructure failure that had caused a high profile outage of its single dealer FX portal. In addition to identifying and rectifying issues that triggered the outage, the bank sought to conduct a detailed review of all applications and underlying infrastructure supporting both its global FX and Rates trading business.

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Knowledge Worker Automation

Citihub Consulting was brought in to streamline global IT support operations as part of a broader cost-efficiency drive at one of Europe's largest banks. The bank had set itself a target of reducing annual spend on IT support by 10 percent on a recurring basis. To achieve that target, it sought to identify ways that certain tasks could be automated so as to minimise the need for manual intervention.

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IT Controls and Risk Assessments

After a major loss-event, a European headquartered global bank approached Citihub to help improve their level of IT control and risk management by implementing a bank-wide certification process covering the whole IT estate. The bank was at the time under intense regulatory scrutiny, not least from a high profile rogue trader incident. Because of this, the initiative had aggressive implementation timelines, a very high profile and was politically charged.

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Investment bank restructuring

A leading Tier-1 bank had initiated a business transformation program to reduce the capital requirement needed to support its global investment banking operation. As part of the transformation, the trading mandate was changed leading to delineation between core and non-core activities. Citihub was engaged to help understand the inter-dependencies across the IT stack and to specifically help set the IT strategy for non-core activities.

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Exchange Connectivity

A Global Tier 1 bank approached Citihub Consulting to review its exchange connectivity infrastructure, which supported both US and European trading operations. In the US, the review was taking place in tandem with a large- scale data centre migration project. The bank was moving many of its core systems to a purpose-built facility in New Jersey, which was optimally located between the NYSE and Nasdaq co-location facilities.

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Private Cloud Strategy & Design

A US-headquartered Tier 1 bank approached Citihub to establish a reference architecture and plan for the implementation of a global private cloud technology platform for use across all its investment banking operations. The bank was initially looking to leverage existing surplus compute resources – in particular, failover facilities that lay largely idle – to meet growing demand for IT capacity in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Fixed Income Trading

A US-headquartered Tier 1 bank approached Citihub to help with a project to replace its global fixed income trading system. The core driver for the project was to reduce operational expenditure by replacing a vendor-provided solution with a bank-owned bespoke platform. The ultimate goal was to displace the third-party solution and save a significant portion of the million per year that the bank was paying in vendor fees.

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Record Keeping and Compliance

A mid-sized regional bank approached Citihub Consulting to advise on improving its record keeping systems for trade reconstruction. Specifically, the bank sought to identify its options for meeting regulatory requirements imposed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

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Co-location Services Strategy

A national securities exchange in a high-growth emerging market was seeking to bolster its infrastructure to support more inward investment and potentially diversify its revenue streams through the provision of co-location hosting services. As part of its growth strategy, the exchange sought to review its existing datacentre assets to identify any capacity constraints and operational risks, and to assess the local market.

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Cloud Provider M&A Due Diligence

One of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds retained Citihub to advise on a proposed investment in a domestic cloud and managed services provider. This was the first such investment the fund had considered, and the management team felt that they needed support to understand the technologies involved and the dynamics of the global, regional and local market .

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Desktop Migration Services

Citihub ensured a top 3 hedge fund met its end-of-life deadline for upgrading nearly 4,000 desktops to Windows 7. By the end of the project, and through direct influence and innovation from Citihub, the firm had consolidated the number of applications it had to migrate – from 8:1 – reduced time taken to provision a desktop from eight hours to just 40 minutes, and improved the accuracy of that provisioning from 60% to 99%.

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Infrastructure and Shared Services Strategy

A Middle Eastern central government office approached Citihub Consulting to help with its disaster recovery strategy. The government supported more than two million citizens and expatriates with a range of services and utilities. Dynamic population growth and rapid development in the provision of public and security services had resulted in more than 30 departments (ranging from emergency services through utilities, education and health care) creating a wide range of independent IT solutions.

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Organisational Design and Service Planning

As part of its global expansion program, a leading liberal arts university was building a state-of-the-art campus to accommodate more than 6,000 students. The university approached Citihub Consulting to assist with the construction, commissioning and transfer of its IT operations. The new campus consisted of more than 35 buildings that provided student accommodation and learning facilities, ranging from scientific labs to film studios.

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Automated Infrastructure Provisioning for Private Cloud

A leading global bank approached Citihub Consulting to advise on improving its end-to-end server provisioning processes, seeking to reduce time-to-market, improve quality and drive end-to-end automation of its server provisioning processes for its private cloud platform.

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15 Minutes with: Dr. Leon Lobo of the National Physics Laboratory

Thursday 3 December 2015

The National Physics Laboratory (NPL) is the UK’s National Measurement Institute, and is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available. Citihub Consulting speaks to Dr. Leon Lobo about the importance of time synchronisation and its relationship with electronic trading and MiFID II. To download the ful ...

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FCA guidance consultation on ‘cloud’: Good start

Thursday 26 November 2015

We welcome news in London this month that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is embracing the movement towards cloud with its guidance consultation 15/6. In its own words “uncertainty may be acting as a barrier to firms using the cloud”, as illustrated by last month’s news around Safe Harbour invalida ...

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Company News

Citihub Consulting Partners with Excel I.T.

Citihub Consulting has partnered with IT services specialist Excel I.T. to offer a combined proposition that spans infrastructure strategy and architecture through to migration logistics and ongoing support. Both companies have a strong focus on financial services IT infrastructure, although with complementary skill sets. Citihub helps its clients define infrastructure strategies, lead sourcing engagements, evaluate and optimise existing IT estates, as well as develop and architect new solutions. Excel’s focus is on infrastructure implementation, migration day execution and managed support.

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Habitat for Humanity: Proud to Participate

Upgrading infrastructure normally means something altogether different when Citihub Consulting is concerned. But last weekend it was our honour to support Habitat for Humanity in one of their many worthwhile projects. In this case we were helping Habitat Newark’s mission to provide decent, affordable housing. Specifically, we supported the renovation of a small community centre and some 800 - 1,000 square foot apartments, which when complete will be used as two family units. Thank you to everyone involved.

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